Sunday, April 4, 2010

Zombie Jesus Day Symbolism: Teh Brain-Nomming Of The Saved

My brother has come up with a terrific ritual for commemorating the miracle of the resurrection of Our Zombie Horde Lord:

Happy Zombie Jesus Day to all. May Zombie Jesus eternally nom your brains and forever cleanse your souls. ... you know, or something. I haven't been to an Easter service in I don't know how long, so I can only assume that people celebrate the Dawn of the Dead Jesus H. Christ in such manners. I myself intend to honor his brain nommage by ritually biting the heads off of marshmallow peeps and dropping their remaining corpses into a cup of hot chocolate... cause... biting the heads resembles the brain nomming of the saved, and the hot chocolate resembles Hell...

There's gotta be a Bible reference for that shit somewhere, or at least some quote I could manipulate to make that sound true.

Amen. I'm off to make some cocoa, y'all.

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