Monday, June 23, 2008

IF - Hoard

I love this snake. He's been living quietly in my sketchbook for almost a year now, but I'd been avoiding turning him into a full-on illustration for fear that my finished product wouldn't live up to what I'd pictured in my head. It hasn't, of course---I never am quite satisfied with what I end up with, at least not right away, though it eventually grows on me and replaces the original in my head. Until then, I'm still not loving the purple background, which is a shame, considering how I now have a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder from all my digging in with the colored pencil (and my bad posture, no doubt). I could Photoshop it, sure, but at this point that feels like admitting defeat.

Anyway, what finally motivated me, other than the fact that it matched nicely with this week's theme, was a quote I'd jotted down one day right next to said sketch. I wrote it down as a reminder to myself, one that I find I constantly need:

"Artists who seeks perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything."
--Eugene Delacroix

IF - Forgotten

Aptly, I forgot to do an illustration this last week.

Ha! Ya like that?

Well. "Forgot" might be a bit strong of a word. I thought about it. Even almost made an attempt. But...we took a twelve-hour overnight train trip up to Oregon for my mom's graduation. With an infant. And then, three days later after a big party and two straight nights of projectile milk vomit from an overtired Monkey who decided she didn't want to sleep ever-ever-ever again, we did it again to come back home.

We sort of spent the week recovering from it all.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

IF - Baby

A little late, but...

Proud Grandma!

I probably won't be showing this to my mom any time soon. I did, however, show it to The Squiggle, who didn't seem to mind that she had been replaced with a giant isopod. This gives me high hopes for her sense of humor, and thus, for her survival in this family.