Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tales Out Of School, Vol 2: FAIL

You know you had a "Christ-centered education" when you were taught to believe that your heart was deceptive, that your own understanding was not to be trusted, your thoughts and reasoning were worthless, anything good you ever did was like filthy rags in the sight of God, that your only worth was in how you metaphorically put your self to death...but that evolution and secular humanism are what's responsible for people having no self-worth these days.

(And when it took you well over ten years to realize what a monstrous logical fail this all is.)


atimetorend said...

Phew, at least you ended up realizing it. I am SO GLAD I no longer have to preface my speech with phrases like that in order to be biblically correct. It makes a lot more sense to just admit my reasoning is my best way of understanding things, rather than dismissing it so I can just believe what other people tell me.

The Woeful Budgie said...

Absolutely, 100% agreed. It was one of the unexpected benefits of shedding Christianity: I no longer have to defend myself on all these very specific biblical terms to prove that I'm still in the club. I never realized how defensive I was, even in my own private thoughts, until that weight lifted off.

What's that verse say? The truth will set you free? ;)

Ahab said...

This kind of indoctrination definitely sticks -- I've heard adult fundamentalist Protestants spouting these same platitudes.

I'm glad you escaped fundamentalism, Woeful Budgie.