Thursday, March 4, 2010

My ears still bleed when I hear the dogwhistles...

You know, I've been struggling with the idea of explaining the New Apostolic Reformation---the particular brand of neocharismatic/dominionist theology I was involved with in the years directly preceding my departure from God altogether---not knowing where to begin, where to end. I'd been wavering between the need to explain the crazy, and the fear that I wouldn't be able to do so very well.

Well, guess what? I don't have to. It's been done already, and done exceptionally well:

Prayer Warriors and Palin Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America

Lest you think the title sounds a bit over the really isn't. This article sums up pretty much everything I've wanted to explain about the NAR: the ubiquity, the subtlety, the militaristic structure, the aim to infiltrate and manipulate society from within as "rulers"...and the way it disguises itself in more innocuous forms to garner support from more moderate Christians (and even non-Christians).

It sums up perfectly why the thought of Sarah Palin in any position of power freaks me right the hell out (well, y'know, besides the standard "she's an empty-headed twit" thing). The leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation are not interested in democracy. They view themselves as spiritual royalty, and believe they have a mandate from God to rule. I've heard this preached from the pulpit, taught in conferences. I trust this article because, well, none of it sounds weird or over the top to me. It was my normal for so long, and I guess that hasn't fully gone away. Maybe it never will.

If you don't have time to read the whole thing, here's an excerpt:

BB: Why should the American people be concerned about the New Apostolic Reformation?

RT: I believe this movement's threat to separation of church and state is greater than some of the more overtly theocratic movements of the religious right. The inclusion of women and all races in leadership roles, and their enthusiastic sponsorship of social services conflicts with a popular notion about religious fundamentalism. Despite their radical strategies, leaders in the movement have been labeled in the press as moderate, including Apostle Samuel Rodriguez -- president of the Sacramento, Calif.-based National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference -- who has been described as a "new evangelical."

Unsuspecting people are certainly becoming involved in New Apostolic activities without understanding its agenda. For example, the Global Day of Prayer sounds benign but was founded by Graham Power, head of the Africa division of Silvoso's International Transformation Network. Numerous citywide prayer efforts and pastors' networks are under the auspices of Wagner's apostles. Charities, social services, and "reconciliation" events appear to welcome all, but are designed as stealth evangelism to advance the "Kingdom."

In June, Lance Wallnau, an ICA apostle and motivational speaker for the Seven Mountain campaign, spoke on stealth evangelism at Wasilla Assembly of God. In Guatemalan jails, according to Wallnau, New Apostolics teach prisoners a secularized version of "Kingdom" worldview for a full year before making any attempt to convert them to "born-again" Christianity. Wallnau encouraged the congregation to follow this example for infiltrating the seven spheres of society.

(Emphasis mine, etc, etc...)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tales Out Of School, Vol 2: FAIL

You know you had a "Christ-centered education" when you were taught to believe that your heart was deceptive, that your own understanding was not to be trusted, your thoughts and reasoning were worthless, anything good you ever did was like filthy rags in the sight of God, that your only worth was in how you metaphorically put your self to death...but that evolution and secular humanism are what's responsible for people having no self-worth these days.

(And when it took you well over ten years to realize what a monstrous logical fail this all is.)