Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tomorrow morning, my sister-in-law will be returning from Iraq. After nearly a year away, she will be mom to her two girls once more, and I will return to being mom to only my own.

And thus, early Friday morning, I'll be heading up to Oregon for a long overdue break. A Sabbath*, if you will.

It'll be about a 9-hour drive, by the way, so I'm happily taking music suggestions.**

*Hat tip to A.J. Jacobs. If you haven't read "The Year of Living Biblically", do it. Do it now!

**Though my 19-month old daughter has already made it clear what she'd like to listen to on the drive up. Yesterday, at the library, she toddled over to the audiobook section and immediately pulled George Carlin's "When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?" off the shelf. I really wish I could take credit for that level of awesomeness, but I think it's pretty much all her.